Google tools for your Wordpress Site

How Many Google Resources Are You Using On Your WordPress Site?

If you have tried to ignore the vast amount of resources that Google keeps releasing, then you might be in a shock once you do take a peek. Google has a wide variety of services and applications that easily integrate into WordPress and can be a huge help. Here is a quick look at some of the most popular Google applications and how they can be used with your WordPress blog.

Most Popular

When it comes to website analytics, Google is definitely one of the most popular options on the market. You can gather detailed statistics regarding pretty much anything. Plus, you can either use a plugin, or add the tracking code directly into your theme.

Font Directory
If you are only looking at the latest Google tools, then the Font Directory might be the first to catch your eye. It can implement all of the CSS needed to make each font cross browser compatible. You can either use WP Google Fonts plugin or a quick @import command. There are more than 100 fonts and the database just keeps growing.

Need I say more?

Great way to track RSS feed subscribers. You either love it or hate it.

Lot’s of plugins to choose from if this is how you want to monetize your blog. While it may not be everyones favorite, it is still one of the higher (if not highest) paying networks out there, especially for newer/smaller blogs.

Getting Popular

URL Shortener
There are a couple of different plugins that allow you to integrate the URL shortener Why wouldn’t Google have their own short link service – they have everything else.

Chart Tools
Google Chart Tools have actually be around for a while, but didn’t really get noticed by a lot of people until the year or so. It is handy little tool that will create charts that are really easy to embed into your websites.

Website Optimizer
If you don’t like any of the WordPress testing plugins like MaxA/B, then the Google Website Optimizer might be worth a look. It will help you create a variety of different experiments for your website. Overall, this tool can get too intense for some people, but once you get comfortable with it, it is an excellent resource.

There a lot more Google applications and tools than the ones listed above, but they haven’t seem to really work their way into a lot of WordPress blogs. Some are restrained by geography such as Google Checkout (only the US and UK) and some are more for collaboration/behind-the-scene uses such as Google Docs.

You may not find all of these tools and applications helpful, but there are so many available that you never know what you might find useful.

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