A Glimpse Into the Genesis Framework

If you are a website developer that needs to constantly create new website for clients or simply a webmaster looking for a long term premium theme solution, then you may have run across the Genesis framework before.  It is one of the few premium solutions that offers flexibility and control far beyond a stand theme.  The Genesis framework relies on the parent-child relationship, which means that there are an ever-growing number of child themes that can immediately change the look of your site.  Here is a closer look at what this framework has to offer and how it stack up to to the competition.

Built In Features

As a premium theme, you should expect a certain level of built in features to reduce the need for additional plugins.  On area in which the Genesis framework excels is on-page search engine optimization.  There are a wide variety of built-in SEO settings to ensure that you can make all of the necessary changes from a single location.

Other additional features that stand out are the multiple default layout options that you have.  This is perfect both for first time designers and professional WordPress website developers.  Plus, you get the added customization and versatility of the additional child themes as well.  You also have access to more than 50 built-in hook locations to make customization simple.

How It Stacks Up

If you are looking into the Genesis framework, then you have also probably looked into other popular premium theme frameworks like Thesis and Headway.  One of the first things that you will probably notice is the difference in price.  Compared to its competition, Genesis is definitely the most affordable option on the market.  Plus, if you upgrade to the Pro Plus package, you get access to all of the child themes for life, which includes any themes released in the future.  This means that as a long term investment, Genesis is definitely a smart one.

The only potential drawback is that to make major changes to the layout, you are going to need to know how to do some custom coding.  If you are a professional website developer, then this won’t be a problem.  In fact, the Genesis framework was specifically designed to be very easy to customize.  On the other hand, if you are a beginner then it may take a little time to really get to understand everything that Genesis has to offer.  While you will still be able to make a good looking website, it will often carry some tell-tale signs that you are using Genesis to people who know how to recognize it.

Overall, the Genesis framework by StudioPress is definitely a solid option, especially if you are looking for an affordable option that still offers a high level of customization  While it may not be quite as newbie-friendly as Headway or Thesis, it is still incredibly powerful.  Plus, with all of the child themes available, you may not need to do much customization anyways.