Manage WordPress Sites from One Dashboard

Managing Multiple WordPress Sites Isn’t as Hard as You Think

Managing Multiple WordPress Sites Isn’t as Hard as You Think

One of the biggest changes when WordPress 3.0 was released is the integration of WordPress-MU abilities – namely managing multiple WordPress sites from a single location. While this was definitely a big step forward, actually managing all of these sites can still prove to be time consuming. Fortunately, there are some simple steps that you can take in order to make this process as easy as possible. It is all about proper planning and using the right tools.

Plan Ahead to Make Life Easier

With management in general, planning ahead can be a huge time saver and managing multiple WordPress sites is no different. There are several key areas that you need to focus on when creating your master plan.

Publication Schedule

One of the most important areas that requires effective planning is your post publication schedule. This is because the entire process of creating, editing, and publishing posts can prove to be the most time consuming.

Maintenance Schedule

Another area that requires a lot of planning is maintenance, be it daily or weekly. There is no reason to waste time flipping from one blog to another. It is much easier to take care of everything at one blog and move on to the next. Without a schedule, you are going to forget something and have to come back to it.
In both of these areas, there are huge benefits to having other people take care of the regular duties. While it may end up costing you a little bit, the additional time that you have to focus on growing your blogs will more than compensate for it.

Choosing the Right Tools

Once you have a solid plan, the next step is choosing the right tools. Right now, there are two tools that seem to be far and beyond all of the rest. They are ManageWP and Kish Multi Pro. Both of these tools will allow you take care of everything from a single location. When managing multiple blogs the largest time consumer is flipping between one blog to another. With either of these tools, this simply won’t be a problem. ManageWP is definitely the more popular option, however Kish Multi Pro is still a sound option. The free version of Kish Multi Pro is no longer supported, however a new premium version has been released is worth a look.

There are also a number of plugins that can be used to same time as well, however none of them are considered to be a comprehensive solution. For a comprehensive solution, ManageWP and Kish Multi Pro are your best bets.

If you are in a situation where you are managing multiple blogs, it is important to maximize your time. Managing one website can be difficult and every additional website makes it exponentially harder. Fortunately, with the proper planning and the right tools, you can managing 10+ websites in the same time that it takes to manage one.