5 Best Affiliate Marketing Plugins For Any WordPress Website

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there seems to be more than enough affiliate marketing plugins available. The problem is deciding which ones are going to provide you with the maximum benefit. This means that they need to be easy to integrate, easy to maintain, and effective at what they do. One of the problems that many people run into is that there are so many different ad networks and ways to promote affiliate products, that choosing a single plugin is impossible. To make things easier, none of the plugins in this list are solely for 1 affiliate program. They either contain all of the major players or can be used with any affiliate program.

1. Pretty Link
The Pretty Link WordPress plugin should be considered a bare minimum for affiliate marketers. It provides two main purposes. First, it allows you to shorten the URL, but unlike popular shrinking services, it makes the URL look like it is part of your domain via cloaking and redirection. In most cases, you won’t need this plugin if you choose a plugin that has this feature integrated in it. However, if you are directly inserting everything, then Pretty Link is a good choice. Along with making your links look more trustworthy, it also has tracking features as well. This will let you know how well your links are actually doing.

2. WP-Insert
WP-Insert has always been on the most popular free WordPress plugins for affiliates as well as other types of advertisers. It is extremely powerful, yet simple to use. It is particularly helpful if you normally insert ads into your content. Along with the 10 ad widgets that are included, it also includes 20 custom add areas that are compatible with any theme. It doesn’t matter how you insert affiliate links in your site, this plugin can help.

3. WP Ad-Manager
This is a free plugin that is very similar to WP-Insert in terms of function, however it also makes rotating your ads simple as well. The big difference is that this plugin relies primarily on ad networks, so if you plan on creating a lot of custom ads and text links, it may not be as useful as some others on this list.

4. Max Banner Ads
If you are primarily marketing affiliate products through banner ads, then Max Banner Ads is an excellent choice. Along with ad management, it also provides tracking and rotating features as well. It also includes very helpful widgets which are a great way to integrate banners without actually messing with any coding yourself. Diversity and flexibility is what makes this one of the best banner ad managers on the market.

5. WP Affiliate Elite or MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate
If your primary concern is content based affiliate marketing, then either WP Affiliate Elite or MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate will likely be your best options. They make it easy for you to choose keywords and automatically convert them into affiliate links across your entire blog. The reason that using these types of plugins is important is because it allows you to not only insert affiliate links easily, but also change them whenever you switch products that you are promoting without having to go through every post manually.

In the end, finding the right affiliate marketing plugins is just as much about what specific promotion techniques you use as anything else. These 5 plugins combine to cover all of the main methods that affiliate marketers will use to promote products directly from their blog.

2 thoughts on “5 Best Affiliate Marketing Plugins For Any WordPress Website”

  1. I use WP Auto Affiliate Links,this plugin gives you the ability to turn keywords into affiliate links automatically.
    There’s no need to go back through all of your posts by hand and add affiliate links to products related to your content.
    You get some other helpful features such as follow/nofollow settings and there’s also a link cloaking setting.
    You need to be careful here, actually I would recommend you avoid the use of the cloaking setting altogether because search engines aren’t fans of using this sort of tactic.
    Usually I recommend minimising the number of plugins you use so when a plugin can accomplish multiple tasks that you would use other plugins for then I would say do it – in this case, leave out the link cloaking and use the redirect functions within Pretty Link Lite.

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