The 5 Best Wordpress Forum Plugins

The 5 Best WordPress Forum Plugins

The 5 Best WordPress Forum Plugins

The 5 Best WordPress Forum Plugins

When it comes to choosing the right plugin for your forum, there are a few options that instantly stand out such as SimplePress and bbPress, however there are some other options that have started to gain some notoriety as well. Keep in mind that when you are choosing your forum plugin, it is important to consider what you want to do. Some of these plugins are better to create a forum in addition to your regular site, whereas others are better suited to operate in a forum-only environment. Here is a quick look at the 5 best forum plugins that should be at the top of your list.

The 5 Best Plugins to Add a Forum to Your WordPress Website

1. bbPress
It’s hard to argue against a forum plugin that was designed by the creators of WordPress. Not only it is very powerful, but it was designed with the goal of being flexible and extremely lightweight. It doesn’t matter if you love or hate bbPress, it is probably for the same reason – added plugins. There are a huge number of additional plugins designed solely to affect how bbPress operates and appears. If your goal is flexibility and smaller footprints then managing these additional plugins is probably worth the extra effort that it takes to manage them. However if you want a single no fuss solution, then you might want to look elsewhere.

2. SimplePress
SimplePress could be the most powerful and holistic approach to managing a forum on your WordPress website. There is a laundry list of features in every category including: integration, security, SEO, forum management, extensions, components, and much more. There is a reason the SimplePress and bbPress are of the considered to be the top 2 solutions. They both extremely powerful and flexible The big difference is what you want your forum to look like and how much time you want to spend managing all of the moving pieces.

The Rest

While most people will immediately point to SimplePress and bbPress, there are 3 other plugins that are getting more popular as time goes on. They are ccForum, WP Forum Server, and Mingle Forum. All of these plugins take a little different approach to creating and managing a forum.

  •  Mingle Forum – A simple goal: Keep It Simple! This plugin can be installed and ready to go in less than 5 minutes. While it may not be as feature rich as the rest, it is stable, secure, and easy to use.
  • WP Forum Server – WP Forum Server is a stable fork of WP Forum. It has overcome a lot of the problems that used to plague WP Forum and is worth a second look. If you want to turn your sight into a forum-only website, then it is a great choice.
  • ccForum – If you don’t like any of the previous options and want to integrate outside software, specifically myBB Bulletin Board, then this is the plugin for you. Keep in mind that this is not a stand alone forum plugin, but rather a way to integrate myBB.

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