5 Great Places to Find Professional Looking Free WordPress Themes

Finding a reliable place for free WordPress themes isn’t as easy as it sounds. While there are a ton of sites that offer free themes, not all of them are particularly professional. Even worse, there is a growing trend where less reputable sites inject dangerous code into free themes so that they can access your website. So the challenge is finding free themes that are both safe and professional. Here are 5 great places that you find exactly what you need.

1. WPTux.com
WPTux.com is a great resource if you are looking for unique themes that are polished, yet personal. While they do offer premium themes, there is a good selection of free themes as well. Some of the most popular options include: SubtlyMade, Elegant Grunge, Irresistible, and ZinePress.

2. ZenVerse.net
ZenVerse.net has become a fairly well known home for website design and development tips. Along with a great selection of free WordPress themes, they also offer design tips, a laundry list of great resources, and much more. While their focus is primarily on WordPress, they offer a lot of great fundamental advice that a lot of people forget about. Some of their most popular free themes include: BabyBlue, Minism, Snow Sky, and Vioz.

3. FearlessFlyer.com
FearlessFlyer.com is the primary website for Michael Soriano, who has gotten excellent reviews for his past projects. All of his free themes are provided through the Attribution Creative Commons license, which means that you need to keep his link in the footer. For a one man show, he offers a huge range in the look and feel of his free professional WordPress themes. Some of his most popular include: Aparatus 2, Rotary, Monte Cristo, and Blue Rooster 2.

4. SimplyWP.net
It’s hard to talk about the best places to find free WordPress themes without mentioning SimplyWP.net. The husband and wife duo of Andrew and Kathie have been providing fantastic free themes since the middle of 2008. This resource quickly become well recognized both for the free themes as well as their custom design service. Some of their most popular themes include: GameVidz, Balikato, Frezhnyer, and Emo City.

5. Site5.com
Site5.com is another site that has become a well known place to find free WordPress themes that are exceptionally professional and still easy to use. While Site5.com is mostly known as a hosting service, they are consistently getting new customers solely because of their free themes. Some of their latest themes include: JournalCrunch, Simplo, DesignPile, and WebFolio.

There are a lot of different places that you can get professional WordPress themes for free. The key is making sure that you are using a theme that is safe and from a site that you trust.

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