5 WordPress Plugins That Will Get You More Comments With Less Commenters

It is always a little depressing when you check in on your WordPress blog, only to find out that no one seems to commenting. There could even be times that you don’t think that you could buy a comment (although you definitely could). The biggest reason that many blogs end up with few comments is because they are focusing on the wrong thing. Most people assume that the only way to get more comments, is to get more traffic. While more traffic will never hurt, you can also increase your number of comments by get the maximum input from the people who are already leaving comments. Here is a quick rundown of 5 very powerful plugins that you can use to get more comments with less commenters.

1. Subscribe to Comments
This may seem like a pretty simple plugin, but it is incredibly powerful. Once someone leaves a comment on your blog, there is a good chance that they would come back and leave another one. The key is keeping them actively engaged in the conversation. By alerting them whenever a new comment is posted to the article that they commented on, they are much more likely to come back and see what was added to the conversation and leave another comment of their own.

2. WordPress Thread Comment
This plugin is effective for a similar reason as the Subscribe to Comments plugin. This plugin makes it possible for someone to reply directly to another comment. Their response will be nestled below the comment that they are addressing. This plugin is useful for two reasons. The first is that it is easier for a new person to join the conversation and second, it is easier for people holding a conversation to stay organized and on point. While this plugin does little more than add visual appeal and organization to your comments section, it has proven itself to be very useful in terms of getting people to leave multiple comments.

3 & 4. Show Top Commentators and Community Cloud
Both of these plugins are designed to reward people who leave the most comments during any particular timespan. The Show Top Commentators plugin is the most well know plugin that offers this type of function, however the Community Cloud plugin makes it a little more interesting. Instead of having a list of top commentators, it creates a tag cloud of everyone who has left a comment. The more comments someone makes, the larger and bolder their name is. If anything else, it is definitely an eye-catching way to give credit to your top commenters.

5. Comment Luv/Keyword Love/ Etc.
There are a growing number of these styles of plugins. They get people to leave multiple comments by simply giving them an incentive to do so. For example, with Comment Luv, a link to their latest post will be added to the bottom of their comment. With Keyword Love, they can get a backlink with the anchor text that they want. While this also opens up your blog to spammers, if effectively monitored, it can be a great way to get more people to comment more often.

In the end, there are a growing number of plugins that you can use to boost the number of comments on your blog. The key is trying to not only get everyone to comment, but to get them commenting multiple times.

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