6 Best Free and Premium WordPress Popup Plugins

The 6 Best Free and Premium WordPress Popup Plugins

Even though many website visitors state pop-up offers are annoying or undesirable there is no arguing that using a pop-up WordPress plug-in will dramatically increase opt-ins and convert visitors into subscribers. Some webmasters say that finding the right pop-up plug-in is difficult, if not impossible, but there are actually a number of excellent WordPress plug-ins – both free and premium – you can choose from. This is a quick overview of 6 of the best WordPress pop-up plug-ins (including both free and premium options).

Free and Premium WordPress Popup Plugins

1. PopUp Domination

One of the most well-known pop-up WordPress plug-ins is PopUp Domination. Its website states that it can help you grow your email list by up to 524%. It offers a variety of professional, customizable and high quality designs to choose from. There are multiple theme designs with lots of colors which can be customized by adding multiple bullet points, full paragraphs, images, and even customizable button text. It offers three different pricing options. The standard license is $47, the Plus licenses $77, and the Pro license is $97. In general the available features with each plug-in is the same. The difference is in regards to how many websites you can use the license on.

Download PopUp Domination

2. Optin Monster

Optin Monster
Another great premium option is Optin Monster. Its primary selling point is the ability to use more user targeting by targeting specific pages, categories, and even specific user behavior to determine which pop-up to display. It even includes an A/B split testing module which allow you to continually tweak, track, and customize your pop-up content for maximum conversions. It also includes unique analytics to help you gather historical data for further optimization. This plug-in has four different pricing options – Basic, Plus, Pro, and Ultimate. They range from $49-$349. For the most part, the primary difference is how many sites you can use the plug-in on although the Pro and Ultimate options do include several additional features such as priority support, exit intent, and Optin types.

Download Optin Monster

3. Pippity

WordPress Popup and Lead Capturing Plugin
The final premium WordPress pop-up plug-in to consider is Pippity. Pippity is often considered a compromise between pop-up domination and opt in monster. It includes numerous customization features and visual display options while also including a robust set of built-in analytics and split testing tools. There are three different pricing options include personal, business, and developer. The price ranges from $49-$164 and includes one year of access and support updates.

Download Pippity

4. ITRO Popup Plugin

The first free pop-up plug-in to consider is the ITRO Popup Plugin. It is a very lightweight plug-in which offers a variety of customization options and utilizes a user-friendly interface to modify all of the necessary settings without tweaking the code. While it can be a stand-alone plug-in and works very well for many website owners, it is actually part of a larger package – ITRO WordPress Marketing. This package includes a lot more than a pop-up plug-in. It also includes time-based visualization, short codes, and a variety of additional integration options for the pop-up plug-in.

Download ITRO Popup

5. PopupAlly

Another great free pop-up plug-in is PopupAlly. It is most well-known for allowing you to quickly install and setup your first pop-up within five minutes by using the built-in pop-up editor. It creates a light box pop-up plug-in and notes that it has increased conversions on some websites by over 300%.

Download Popupally

6. Optin Revolution Lite

The final free option to consider is Optin Revolution Lite. It states that this may be one of the best ways to create a lockable WordPress pop-ups to grow your list of subscribers. It supports a variety of third-party list building tools such as AWeber, iContact, and MailChimp. One thing to keep in mind is that there is also a Pro version which includes a town of additional options. In most cases, website owners will either eventually upgrade or switch to another plug-in. While the Lite version is solid it can feel like it is lacking at times in terms of available features and customization.

Download Optin Revolution Lite

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