What Is the Best Way to Integrate Facebook and WordPress?

Integrating Facebook and WordPress is incredibly easy and frustratingly difficult at the same time. This is because there are so many different ways to do it. In the end, it is really a matter of deciding which website is more important. Some people try to push people from their website towards their Facebook profile or Fan Page, whereas others use Facebook primarily to bring in traffic. Still others use Facebook as a method of social proof or to establish themselves within an industry to gain instant credibility. Here are a few WordPress plugins that you can use to accomplish all of these goals without going overboard.

Facebook Comments for WordPress
The Facebook Comments for WordPress plugin does exactly what the name implies. It allows you to turn your comments section into a Facebook comments section. The only potential drawback is that people without a Facebook profile (yes, there are still some) can’t leave a comment. On the other hand, it is the perfect way to merge your Facebook profile and WordPress blog together. All of the comments made via your blog will be posted on Facebook and any comment made on Facebook in response will be published on your blog. Another benefit is that this plugin can go a long way in preventing a lot of comment spam.

The WP-FacebookConnect plugin has shown to be another great way to integrate your WordPress site with your Facebook profile. While it can do a variety of different things, the primary features include the ability to publish content to your Facebook news feed, allow guests to sign on with their Facebook account, and pulls avatar photos from their Facebook profiles.

The WordBook plugin is a simple tool that will automatically add your recent posts to your Facebook profile. Additionally, all of your posts can be found through a “Recent Posts” Facebook boxes tab. This is a great plugin because it uses your RSS feed, which means that it will normally update your Facebook status immediately whereas some other similar applications have some delays.

Facebook Fan Box
This plugin allows you to add a simple Facebook Fan Box to anywhere on your website. All you need to do is insert a small line of code into your theme.

Sociable WordPress + Facebook Connect Plugin
If you only want to use one plugin to integrate Facebook into your blog, then this is it. It offers you a wide variety of different tools and options to choose from. The best part is everything can be added through widgets, which means no hand-coding. The widgets that it creates includes: Facebook Connect Login, Last Visitors, Facebook Friends on this Site, Comments/Activity Feed, User Profile, Community Members, Invite Friends, Facebook Avatars, Send Comments to Facebook, Share Counter, Request User Email, and several others. It pretty much does it all. The best part is that you can manage all of these things from a centralized location instead of mixing a handful of plugins together.

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