Choosing the Best Plugin to Make Your Website Mobile

Make Your Website Mobile

Mobile internet access has risen exponentially over the last few years and there is sign that it will be letting up. It is no surprise that there now a ton of WordPress plugins that you can choose from to make your WordPress website more mobile friendly. Unfortunately, some of them simply don’t measure up. Here is a quick look at some of the best plugins (free and commercial) that can quickly offer you a solution.

1. WordPress Mobile Pack
This plugin is definitely the most comprehensive of the free plugins available for WordPress websites. It really is a complete toolkit, rather than just a simple plugin. For some people, it might be a little excessive, although you will definitely have a chance to modify pretty much everything. It starts with the mobile switcher, which is what will determine which visitors are using mobile phones and ensure that they see your mobile site rather than your normal one. The next piece is the mobile theme. It includes both the basic mobile theme as well as an extension pack. The basic theme supports all of the standard content on your website and the extended theme offers more dynamic options. It also includes a mobile ad widget and bar code widget as well.

2. Mobile Smart
Mobile Smart is a very simple yet effective way to make sure that your theme is switched whenever your website is viewed from a phone. It includes a very basic mobile theme, but it will require some hands-on modifications to make it unique to your website.

3. WPTouch
WPTouch is another very strong mobile plugin that has both a free and pro version. The free version can handle the task, but the options are fairly limited and no template is included. The pro version includes a wide variety of additional features including: support, skeleton template, a whole lot of admin features (custom icon sets, drag and drop menu, and multiple themes), and much more. If you get the developer pro version, even more is included.

4. Mobify
Mobify is another plugin that has a free, pro, and publisher version. In general, the free plugin can do pretty much everything that you need and is supported by more than 5000 devices. The main reason that most people upgrade is because they want to add custom JavaScript, additional tools, or white label branding. The publisher version is only needed by the largest publishing groups such as Glam Media.

With any of these WordPress plugins, getting a mobile version of your website setup is fairly simple. The more unique and customized you want your website to be, the more powerful your plugin will need to be. If you only want a free option, then the WordPress Mobile Pack offers the greatest versatility, however both the commercial plugins are exceptionally powerful.

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