Which Contact Form Plugin Is Right For Your WordPress Site?

There are a variety of quality plugins that can create and manage contact forms for a WordPress website, but not all of them are created equal. There are a variety of factors to consider ranging from overall complexity to theme integration. Here is a quick look at some of the most popular contact form plugins and what they have to offer.

Contact Form 7
The Contact Form 7 plugin is always in the discussion as one of the best free contact form plugins. It offers a variety of features including AJAX submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet filtering, and the ability to manage multiple contact forms. It was created to be a very user friendly plugin for people who do not want to mess with any coding themselves, while still getting a fully functional contact form. This is accomplished through their WYSIWYG form editor. Currently, it supports 10 languages.

The ContactMe plugin has continued to gain popularity, both with its free and commercial versions. Along with your WordPress blog, you can also integrate it with Facebook, Webs, and a variety of auto responder services. The best part is that even the most expensive premium account is less than $10 per month. When you look at all of the additional features that the Biz Pro account offers, it could be very good investment. Although the free version is more than adequate for most users. Another factor that helps ContactMe stand out is that the contact slider will be on every page and the form can be in light-box This both saves space and ensures that your visitors can contact you without having to go to a dedicate contact page.

Custom Contact Forms
With it’s recent updates, Custom Contact Forms has quickly gained a lot of attention from WordPress users. It’s creator makes the bold claim that it is more customizable and intuitive than either the Fast Secure Contact Forms or Contact Form 7 plugins. A lot of people get thrown off because the screen-shots haven’t been updated since version 1, but it is now in version 4.5. Some of the new features (comparing version 3 to 4) include a saved form submission dashboard widget, which is extremely useful. Other additions include: all form submissions will be saved in the admin panel as well as emailed to you; forms can send to multiple email addresses; and much more. If you have never given Custom Contact Forms a look, then it would definitely be worth a few minutes.

Fast Secure Contact Form
Very solid option that continues to improve with each new update. In a lot of ways, you will see similarities between it and both Contact Form 7 and Custom Contact Forms. If you want a version that will always be completely free and well supported, then it is as good as any.

Gravity Forms
It is impossible to talk about contact form plugins without mentioning Gravity Forms. While it is definitely the most expensive option on this list, it is also the most powerful and flexible. It offers so many different features that will be easier for you to just check out their site. If you are willing to spend the money ($39, $99, or $199) then it is hands-down the best option.

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