4 Plugins to Integrate Amazon Products With Your WordPress Site

Creating an Amazon store is popular method of promoting Amazon product, but what if you just want to add products to your actual post? There are a handful of plugins that are designed for exactly that. They will allow you to effectively promote products without needing to tailor your entire site around a store. While there are a variety of options available, a lot of them are no longer supported or simply don’t provide the flexibility that you may need. Here is a quick look at the 4 best plugins to integrate and promote Amazon products without building an entire store.

1. Amazon Reloaded For WordPress
Amazon Reloaded For WordPress is a replacement for the older WP-Amazon plugin that essentially imploded during the WordPress 2.5 update. This plugin is exactly what most people are looking for if they primarily want to add products to the body of their posts. It is actually kind of ingenious. Once you get a point in your post where you want to add an Amazon product, you simply scroll down to the Amazon Reloaded box and enter the product search term. When you find the product you want to add, simply click the Send Link to Editor button and then select the size of the image that you want to add and click the Send Image to Editor button. That’s it. Simple, Straightforward, and Easy to Use.

2. AmazonSimpleAdmin
This plugin is effective, but it requires a little effort on your part. The first thing that you need to do is create a few “collections”. These are related products that will be inserted when add a collection to your post, although you can insert single products as well. It also gives you the ability to create your own display templates, which is great if you don’t want the standard Amazon banner template to be used. Then you simply add a line of code wherever you want your product to be displayed. The line of code is [asa template]product code[/asa]. You can also not add the “template” portion of the code if you want to display the generate banner ad. If you not comfortable with this type of coding, then this isn’t the plugin for you.

3. WP-Amazon-Associate
There are a number of features that can make this plugin very effective, especially if you are integrating Amazon products in a variety of different places. It allows you to insert widgets into your themes, use shortcode to add products to your content, use the Amazon Product Preview to add overlays of the product when a visitor rolls over the link, and several other options. It even has multi-author support. Some people may find this plugin a little intimidating because it relies heavily on adding your own shortcode or php to the theme and content in order to insert the products, banners, and carousels.

4. Amazon SmartLinks Widget by AdaptiveBlue
This plugin is pretty straightforward and only needed to add product lists to your sidebar. It uses a variety of different widgets to achieve this. One of the biggest benefits, aside that it is easy to use, is that these widgets will automatically update the products via RSS. If needed, it can also support Ebay and Google affiliate information as well.

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