Magic Members Review

Magic Members Review

While many membership sites are built from scratch, a growing percentage of membership sites are born from blogs and websites with unrestricted access to their content. These are the sites that often have the most trouble finding membership software that seamlessly allows them to integrate a members-only section or entire membership site into their current online asset. The Magic Members plugin has a few unique design features which makes it a great solution for this purpose.

Magic Members is Built Specifically for the WordPress Platform

The first characteristic that makes Magic Members ideally suited for turning regular sites into fully functioning membership site is it is built specifically for the WordPress platform. A majority of the popular third-party membership site management software isn’t built for a specific platform. Instead they all have additional modules or plugins designed specifically for integration purposes. Since Magic Members is built specifically for the WordPress platform it effectively leverages all of the built-in features and characteristics of WordPress to streamline the integration and setup process. This makes it an ideal solution for websites that already have content managed by the WordPress platform.

Magic Members Makes Permission Setup Easy

Another reason Magic Members is a great solution for turning regular sites into membership sites is because of how the permission set up is designed. Users can simply point-and-click to determine what content is freely available to the public and what is protected behind the membership payment wall. This can be done on a post-by post basis or by selecting specific categories. This eliminates a lot of the legwork typically found in other membership site management software. Additionally, Magic Members supports the new Custom Post Types feature WordPress recently introduced. All of this can be easily accomplished by following the step-by-step instructions included with the purchase of the Magic Members WordPress plugin.

Magic Members Utilizes Custom Widgets and Shortcodes

Another great feature of using this plug-in is the ability to utilize custom widgets and shortcodes. In fact, it includes a variety of custom widgets out-of-the-box including Login, Register, Text, and Status widgets. This streamlines the process of integrating specific membership features into an existing website. Along with managing content, these tools can also be used to protect downloads from being accessed by unauthorized members or guests. This is accomplished the same way you protect content which is by assigning specific permission levels based upon the different levels of access you offer.

There are a number of quality membership site software-based solutions however few of them are designed specifically for the WordPress platform. Magic Members is not only designed specifically for the WordPress platform by effectively leverages many of the tools and capabilities of WordPress to streamline the integration and setup process. This makes it the ideal solution for people who are currently managing a blog or website and want to turn into a membership website.


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5 thoughts on “Magic Members Review”

  1. You have limited options when you compare top membership plugins for WordPress. This plugin delivers what it promise.

    We were looking for a proper CCBill integration. It works solid though you need to follow integration steps carefully. It uses DataLink and Subscription Management System (SMS) as well as Webhooks. So, your users both becomes active after the payment and becomes inactive if they cancel.

  2. I’ve been using a different membership plugin for a while and searching for a new one. Everyone should really look for the features when they buy a membership plugin. Sometimes you just assume that simple features should be in the plugin, but they aren’t.

    Anyway, I talked with Magic Members support team for 3 days to ask all the features I need and how I can move my members over. I can say that I’m quite satisfied with the pre-sale support period and will purchase the plugin soon.

  3. We also reviewed Magic Members. According to functionality and effectiveness criterias. Magic Members is the winner over Wishlist Member, MemberWing and MemberPress. As far as I know they’re-coding Magic Members to make it faster and stable.

  4. I had bought a Magic Members commercial license to create membership websites, my clients were very happy with Magic Member plugin. I still create membership sites with it.. It’s pretty good, there are tons of features, I also checked Wishlist Member plugin, Member Press, S2Member wordpress membership plugins, but Magic Member has more features than the others.

  5. Magic Members is one of the best WordPress membership plugin on the market. I’ve created more than 10 membership websites for my clients. 8 of them still use it without issues. The best thing about Magic Members it’s direct payment gateway integrations.

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