Pretty Link Pro Review

Pretty Link Pro Review

Pretty Link Pro is a popular WordPress plugin that has been around for some time.  Its primary purpose is helps you manage all of your links.  It accomplishes this through a variety of different tools and features.  As sharing links continues to become more important, especially through social media platforms, this plugin offers a way to keep track of every link and provide valuable metrics.

A Quick Overview of Pretty Link Pro

The developer behind this plugin has been incredibly active in the WordPress community for quite a while.  This bodes well for the longevity of this plugin.  It is important to remember that there are actually two versions of this plugin available.  Along with Pretty Link Pro, there is also a free version (Pretty Link Lite).  While the free version doesn’t have nearly as many features, it does provide a great way to test out the basic functionality before purchasing the Pro version.

There are currently two different licensing options available for the Pro version.  They are the Blogger Edition ($37) and the Developer Edition ($97).  The primary distinction is how many websites the plugin can be used on.  THE Blogger Edition can only be used on one website while the Developer Edition can be used on an unlimited number of websites, including websites developed for clients.

 Most Prominent Features of Pretty Link Pro

There are a lot of features packed into this plugin but they can all be broken down into four categories – Redirection, Management, Automation, and Sharing.

Link Redirection

Pretty Link Pro allows users to instantly create a number of different types of link redirection.  The most commonly used options are the temporary and cloaked redirection.  Both of these options are great for affiliate marketers because it makes each link look “prettier”.  Another useful feature is the ability to create a 301 (Permanent) link redirection without leaving the WordPress backend.

Link Management

It is important to not undervalue all of the link management tools included in this plugin.  The most commonly used feature is the ability to create custom link slugs, which is what makes them prettier.  Additionally, all of the links being managed can automatically become no-follow links if necessary.  Along with keeping links organized, there are a variety of reports which provide valuable metrics such as conversion reports and Google Analytics tracking.

Automation and Sharing

The automation and sharing features are not the same, but they can overlap in terms of usefulness.  For example, the plugin can automatically replace keyword with predetermined links.  This is incredibly valuable for internal linking and automatically inserting affiliate links.  Additionally, all of the Pretty Links for pages and posts can be automatically shared via social media platforms like Twitter.

Pretty Link Pro has quickly become a must-have for most websites.  It is powerful, yet versatile which makes it a great tool for a variety of different applications.

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