10 Best Photography WordPress Themes

10 Best Photography WordPress Themes

This is a assortment of 10 best photography WordPress themes for photography lovers, amateur photographers, photo bloggers and visual artists. These premium themes have been created specifically with the photographer at heart. A few of the templates are complete photography website solutions while others are lean and designs that give you the freedom to incorporate your personal functionality with standard WordPress functions and/or maybe your favorite plugins. One feature every one of these themes have in common however is that theyPercentu2019re from reputable and trusted WordPress theme shops / developers, so you can rely you’re obtaining a quality theme to build your photography website.
Cyclone Responsive Photography WordPress Theme

Cyclone is a responsive photography / portfolio and blog WordPress theme. It’s elegant and modern design and ideal for photographers for showcasing their photos. The theme has been created by Meridian Themes.


Cyclone Theme : $45
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Premium Photography WordPress Theme – Chromatic

Chromatic is a premium photography WordPress theme designed for showcasing your portfolio, selling your images and getting hired. Graph Paper Press set themselves the task to create the “the ultimate portfolio theme for WordPress” – resulting in the beautiful and featured packed “Chromatic” theme which is perfect for photographers.


Single Theme: $79
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Reportage WordPress Theme is a clean premium photo portfolio WP theme from Graph Paper Press. This theme is designed for photographer and photo journalist to showcase their work online. It includes features like responsive design, featured photo slider on homepage, different color styles, customizable typography, fully compatible with new theme customizer, custom page templates, widgets for footer and sidebar, theme documentation guide, theme option panel and more.


Price: $75

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Photo Press Photography WordPress Theme

Photo Press is a responsive photography WordPress theme from Authentic Themes. The premium theme has a striking masonry grid layout for the homepage and archive pages to showcase your photo gallery and images in a unique and eye catching style.


Price: $40

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Photostore – Photography WordPress Theme

Photostore is an elegant photo WordPress theme from Mint Themes designed for photographers and videographers to showcase and sell their work online. The premium theme is configured to show off your photography and media (photos and/or videos) in an organized and simple way. The theme is iPhone and iPad compatible and is also set up with ecommerce integration that allows you to sell (if you wish) your photos or other media directly from your website.


Price: $79

Demo & Release Page | Download
Suheto Photography and Portfolio WordPress Theme

Suheto is Fullscreen Image Background Slider WordPress theme suitable for photographers and designers, powerful yet simple to set up and administer.



Price: $49

Demo & Release Page | Download

Image Grid – Responsive FullScreen Photography WordPress Theme

The Image Grid theme is a responsive grid WordPress theme with a bold yet minimal design from RichWP. The premium theme has a striking image grid design that puts your images and content in full focus. Image Grid would be ideal for design, photography, art, fashion and lifestyle related blogs and magazine websites.


Price: $69.95

Demo & Release Page | Download

4 Magazine Themes For WordPress That Have Something Unique to Offer

Magazine themes have become exceptionally popular over the last few years because they offer a variety of unique benefits. The primary area that makes a magazine theme stand out is the homepage. The rest of the site tends to be similar to a traditional WordPress theme in terms of layout. This list focuses primarily on the default homepage layout and settings. Although with a little tweaking all of these themes could look nearly identical, this list is based solely off of how it looks out-of-the-box. Not only do all 4 themes look great, but they each offer something unique.

1. WP-MediaMag – Created by SoloStream

WP-MediaMag is a great magazine theme out of the box. Not only does it have 8 built in color options, but the homepage layout is uniquely beneficial. When looking at the homepage layout, there are 3 distinct areas that will offer your readers something different. The very top 1/3 of the site is a slideshow-style gallery that can include images, content, and video. Directly below it is a Recent Photos Gallery. This means that top 1/3 is very visually appealing and can draw people into your site. The rest of the homepage layout has two different styles – small columned excerpts and wide excerpts Again, very visually appealing, plus it gives you a chance to highlight both the recent content and category-based content.

2. DelicateNews – Created By ElegantThemes

It tough to only pick one ElegantThemes magazine style theme, however DelicateNews homepage does a much better job of highlighting content. While it doesn’t have quite as much content on display as many other magazine themes, it does promote all of the content extremely well. With a unique featured content area, custom slider, and recent posts section, the overall feel is very clean and doesn’t overwhelm a first time visitor. At the same time, of all 8 themes, this is the closest to not being a true magazine theme.

3. Manifesto Theme – Created By WPZoom

Like the WP-MediaMag layout, the Manifesto Theme does an excellent job of splitting up the homepage into sections. At the very top is a featured content area that is very eye-catching and allows you to promote 6 pieces of content while still focusing on one piece at a time. The tabbed category section right below the top 1/3 of the page is another unique feature that playing into the theme well. It has one tab for each category, so that you can feature you last 5 posts (through an image and title) for each category. This engages the reader and quickly introduces them to all of your latest news.

4. CooolZine– Created By Bloom.At (Available at ForestThemes)

The final theme to make this list is CooolZine. If you want a magazine style theme that is exceptionally unique, then this is the template for you. While it may be a little disorganized for some websites, it is very creative and definitely makes a statement.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of magazine themes available for WordPress This makes finding one that offers something unique exceptionally important unless you plan on doing a lot of modifications yourself. There is nothing worse than having your website look like everyone else’s A great theme is an easy way to immediately stand out from the crowd and engage your readers.

A Glimpse Into the Genesis Framework

If you are a website developer that needs to constantly create new website for clients or simply a webmaster looking for a long term premium theme solution, then you may have run across the Genesis framework before.  It is one of the few premium solutions that offers flexibility and control far beyond a stand theme.  The Genesis framework relies on the parent-child relationship, which means that there are an ever-growing number of child themes that can immediately change the look of your site.  Here is a closer look at what this framework has to offer and how it stack up to to the competition.

Built In Features

As a premium theme, you should expect a certain level of built in features to reduce the need for additional plugins.  On area in which the Genesis framework excels is on-page search engine optimization.  There are a wide variety of built-in SEO settings to ensure that you can make all of the necessary changes from a single location.

Other additional features that stand out are the multiple default layout options that you have.  This is perfect both for first time designers and professional WordPress website developers.  Plus, you get the added customization and versatility of the additional child themes as well.  You also have access to more than 50 built-in hook locations to make customization simple.

How It Stacks Up

If you are looking into the Genesis framework, then you have also probably looked into other popular premium theme frameworks like Thesis and Headway.  One of the first things that you will probably notice is the difference in price.  Compared to its competition, Genesis is definitely the most affordable option on the market.  Plus, if you upgrade to the Pro Plus package, you get access to all of the child themes for life, which includes any themes released in the future.  This means that as a long term investment, Genesis is definitely a smart one.

The only potential drawback is that to make major changes to the layout, you are going to need to know how to do some custom coding.  If you are a professional website developer, then this won’t be a problem.  In fact, the Genesis framework was specifically designed to be very easy to customize.  On the other hand, if you are a beginner then it may take a little time to really get to understand everything that Genesis has to offer.  While you will still be able to make a good looking website, it will often carry some tell-tale signs that you are using Genesis to people who know how to recognize it.

Overall, the Genesis framework by StudioPress is definitely a solid option, especially if you are looking for an affordable option that still offers a high level of customization  While it may not be quite as newbie-friendly as Headway or Thesis, it is still incredibly powerful.  Plus, with all of the child themes available, you may not need to do much customization anyways.

Designing a WordPress Theme in Record Time

It doesn’t matter if you have decided to design your first WordPress theme or have been at it for a while, there a few simple tips that might be able to streamline your process a little bit without sacrificing the end product. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, everyone wants to complete their projects faster. Here are a few things that might be able to help out.

1. Focus On WordPress
It might sound like common sense, but by designing specifically with WordPress in mind, especially it’s standard format. This will help you make sure that during the initial design phase, you create element styles consistent, which will help you later on.

2. Use a Good Text Editor
When you create a WordPress theme, your text editor could end up being your best friend or worst enemy. The first thing to do is completely forget about the standard WordPress theme editor. While it can be convenient for users trying to make minor modifications, it is definitely not designed for use during the actual development process. When you do choose your syntax editor, it might be a good idea to have features like text highlighting. The most important thing is to be comfortable with the tools that you are using.

3. Plan First
If you start developing your theme before you actually have a solid plan, then you are in for a lot of trouble. There are thousands of ways to do something wrong and only a handful of ways (or less) to do it right. Pay special attention to how you plan on separating the HTML and CSS. If you are going to budget a large percentage of your time to one task, then this is the one.

4. Less Files Is Ideal
Always try to use as few theme files as possible. The more files you create, the higher the chances that there will be a problem. Plus, if you need 25 different files, your design probably wasn’t planned out very efficiently. Using WordPress Conditional commands is the ideal solution to increase your control and flexibility, while still keeping your total file count low.

5. Have Some Content Ready to Test
When you start testing your theme, it is vital that you have content available to use. You can always use the Lorem Ipsum text, however having unique content is ideal because it can give you a better “feel” for how everything will look. Also make sure to test content in every way possible including lists, tables, block quotes, etc. It’s better to test out content in ways that you may never use it, rather than need to do something, only to find out that you forget to add it into your theme.

6. Create a Shortlist of Plugins
When developing a theme, there is one thing that you can’t control and that is how other people develop their plugins. It is always a good idea to create a shortlist of plugins to test with your theme. The plugins you should include several different social bookmarking plugins (Sexy Bookmarks and Share This), Page Navigation Plugins, and Contact Forms.

Everyone has their own system or routine to develop WordPress themes, but these 6 tips can go a long way in saving time and helping ensure that you get everything done right the first time. There are literally hundreds of other tips and tricks that can be implemented, but they tend to favor personal preferences much more often than not.

What to Expect From the Best WordPress Theme Memberships

There are a growing number of WordPress theme developers that offer some sort of membership. The problem that some people run into is that all memberships are not created equal. There are a number of packages that disguise themselves as memberships, but fall short in the end. Before you join any theme membership program it is important that you are getting the best possible deals. Here is a quick look at what you should expect from high quality WordPress theme memberships.

1. Plan For the Future
One of the most important things to look at is the access that your membership will give you. There are a number of packages that mascaraed as memberships and they will rarely be a good long term solution. There are several ways to identify these. The first is by looking at whether or not you get access to future themes. If not, then you may want to look elsewhere. You also need to find out whether or not you get access to any updates to the themes are currently available. Again, if you don’t, then you may want to move on.

2. Recurring Fees
One of the reasons that some people avoid WordPress theme memberships is because they don’t want to pay a recurring fee. Normally, these fees will be monthly, quarterly, or yearly. It is important to keep things in perspective. If you aren’t paying a monthly fee, then what gives the theme developers an incentive to provide you with more themes? Plus, most memberships that have recurring fees guarantee a certain number of new themes on a regular basis. Normally, one or two a month. This ensures that your websites always look up to date. Additionally, the recurring fees aren’t designed to break the bank. Normally they will be between $10 and $25 per month.

Some of the Best WordPress Theme Memberships


Most of these theme memberships offer both a standard and developers license. If you like to do a lot o modifications yourself or work with a lot of clients, then a developers license is probably a wise investment.

If a membership still seems a little too daunting, then don’t hesitate to look at popular packages, just keep in mind that over the long run, you will end up buying package after package to keep up with current trends.