Which WordPress Comments Plugin Is the Best For Your Blog?

There are a growing number of WordPress plugins that are based around altering your comments area. They can serve a wide variety of functions ranging from combating spam to creating a more engaged base of readers. Unfortunately, there is not a “single best” plugin, but rather a lot of great plugins that all do different things. Here is a quick look at the best plugin for each of several functions to help you decide which one will be the best for your blog.

Comment Plugins to Make Your Life Easier

These are the plugins that are installed primarily to help you, not your readers. They deal with the back-end of website management. Some of them cover a variety of tasks, while other are super-targeted.

Better Comments Manager
The Better Comments Manager can make your life a lot easier. It provides three different functions. First, it allows you to organize all of the comments by post, time, or favorite. Second, it will allow you to directly reply to a comment without actually needing to be redirected to the post. Finally, it can actually mass edit/delete spam comments. In fact, it will actually catch some that get by Akismet.

Bad Behavior
Granted, Akismet is and probably always will be considered the best anti-spam plugin, but that doesn’t mean that you should overlook Bad Behavior. Akismet relies on a web service to decide whether or not a comment is spam. Bad Behavior stops spam by identifying the software as well as how it was created. This plugin will often identify new forms of comment spam before Akismet because it doesn’t rely on other people identifying it first.

Comment Plugins That Promote Commenting

There isn’t a plugin named For SEO, but rather a collection of plugins that are all geared towards search engine optimization. Sure, spammers give blog commenting for SEO purposes a bad name, however there are a lot of legit commenter who are primarily concerned with getting the backlink, but will still take the time to leave a quality comment, especially if they are in the same niche you are. There are a variety of different plugins that can achieve this. The most popular include: CommentLuv, NoFollow Free, and DoFollow.

Twitoaster and Facebook Comments
There are two great social media related commenting plugins, one for Twitter and one for Facebook. Twitoaster imports tweets and threads them within your comments so that both conversations are combined. The official Facebook plugin allows people to post comments from their Facebook profile.

Comment Plugins That Promote Direct Communication

Comment Emailer
This plugin gives you a customizable way to send approval emails to people when their comment is approved. You can also change all of the information such as the “from”, website title, and even the message itself. This allows you to both keep in contact with your commenter’s, but also brand your website and emails.

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