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The need to create forms on your website has become a much more important part of internet marketing strategies for a variety of reasons. Most people are at least aware of the benefits that can be gained from getting personal information from website visitors. This ranges from sending newsletters to warming leads and getting them into your sales funnel. The thing that many people overlook is how important the form itself is โ€“ both in style and function. There are several WordPress form plugins that tend to be the most popular, both premium and free options. This includes basic contact forms as well. Here is a quick look at 2 of the most popular premium and free WordPress form plugins that are being used online.

Top Premium WordPress Form Plugins

1. Gravity Forms
Without the doubt, the most well known form plugin is Gravity Forms. If you look at reviews and banner ads for WordPress plugins, there is a good chance that you will see something about this plugin. They seem to excel for several key reasons. The first is simplicity. The user-interface is exceptionally simple to use, which is essential for most people. Second, the output โ€“ the form itself โ€“ is very flexible, which means that you can create a variety of different forms that will flow nicely with your site.

2. FormidablePro
Formidable Pro may not be quite as well known as Gravity Forms, but it is every bit as powerful. This plugin stands out because of its data collection ability. While it still provides a great user-interface and a variety of different styling options, this plugin excels in data organization and output. There are a number of unique graphical reports that will give you a snapshot of the data collected at any given time. If analysis capabilities is what you are looking for with most of your forms, then this is definitely worth your consideration.

Top 2 Free Form Plugins

1. cForms
If you don’t create a lot of forms, then you may only be considering free WordPress form plugins. For the most part, cForms is considered to be your best option. It is very easy to setup and customize. Plus, it has all of the basic abilities that you will need.

2. TDO Mini Forms
TDO Mini Forms is a free WordPress form plugin that is most well known for being used with user-submitted content. For example, if you accept guest posts directly from your website, then this is a great plugin for you. Not only does it make managing the submitted content easy, but it also allows you to automatically set unique permissions for submitted content so that your editors know which pieces of content need to be looked at before they are published.

There are a variety of different options that you can choose from, but it is a lot easier if you make a good decision the first time. The best premium WordPress form plugins are Gravity Forms and FormidablePro. If you are still in a position where you want to use a free plugin, then take a look at cForms or TDO Mini Forms.

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